Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt is a study in contrasts: one of the oldest cultures in the world, yet also a rapidly evolving society and one of the most developed economies in the Middle East. Egypt is a modern, fascinating country that offers once-in-a-lifetime academic and cultural opportunities.

Most students know Egypt for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s most recognized monuments, including the Giza pyramid complex and its Great Sphinx. However, the country is also a vibrant society whose economy is rapidly developing as a result of modern investments, political stability, and recent trade and market liberalization.

Better understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and the Middle East is more important than ever. Our programs in Cairo and Alexandria will help you gain valuable language skills and crucial knowledge of the culture, history and politics of the Middle East. Few places in the world can rival the excitement and rich heritage of this country, so apply now and prepare to immerse yourself in the wonder that is Egypt.